Keep Pace with Technological Change

Use the latest, most appropriate tools and technologies that solve the business problem.


Technology advances at an ever-increasing rate. Pragmatically adopting the latest tools and technologies will allow us to provide innovative new products and services to our customers and business and compete more effectively with our competitors.


  • The principle of Evolutionary Systems is essential in order for us to update and upgrade systems without impacting the broader ecosystem.
  • The best people to choose tools and technologies are those that are closest to the problem being solved. Guidelines help us adopt new technologies consistently.
  • The Architecture function and the Victoria Engineering Group, supported by our engineering communities, help align technologies and identify synergies where appropriate.
  • Regular patching, if possible, will help future software upgrades and maintainability and keep systems more secure.
  • Technology selection conflicts will need to be resolved through a collaborative framework which is open to advancing technical excellence.
  • We have created a Technology Radar that identifies and monitors the technologies that we believe will be relevant to our business. New tools and technologies should be filtered through this process.
  • There should be a community of interest around software engineering to share good practice and technology news.

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