Get Feedback Early and Often

Gain feedback by frequent and early releases of functionality, rather than Big Bang releases.


Early and frequent releases provide feedback sooner, make code level integration easier, allow course corrections to be made earlier and provide business value more quickly. Problems are easier to identify and resolve in smaller changesets.


  • Requires the automation of tasks in the delivery pipeline.
  • Encourages splitting big project into a set of smaller features.
  • Requires switches to disable incomplete parts of functionality or to make a rollback.
  • Requires regular assessment of feature flags and removal of the obsolete ones.
  • No long-term development branches (and merges) needed.
  • Requires an automated, version-controlled configuration management strategy.
  • This principle applies to all environments in the path to live, not just the production environment.
  • Early visibility of platform costs will help make informed decisions about future solutions.

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